This week we were learning about the Hindu and Sikh festival of Diwali. We thought about how people celebrate and how we celebrate different things at home. Some of us celebrate birthdays and Christmas or Eid. We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and that people believe this happened many years ago. The people lit diva lamps to guide the way and celebrate good over evil so we made diwa lamps ourselves out of clay. We also investigated Rangoli patterns, mehndi patterns and did some addition and subtraction using candles.



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We were learning to subtract pine cones from a group of 5. We then very carefully recorded what we had found out by writing the number sentences. What is 5-3? What is 5-5?

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This week we learnt about Autumn and the changes that happen in the environment. We found out that the leaves from deciduous trees change colour because there is less sunlight and so the leaves can’t produce chlorophyll and stay green. We also learnt that some animals are getting ready to hibernate and some birds fly away.

Can you think of an animal that might hibernate?

We went to Grafton Square on Friday and collected natural objects to make these beautiful book marks!


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The whole school have been focussing on the wordless picture book Quest. It tells the story of a boy and girl who are given a special quest… they have to find all the magic coloured crayons to bring colour, light and happiness back to the land and also rescue the king.

We have used adjectives to describe the pictures, matched numbered keys to padlocks, injected colour into black and white pictures from the story and sequenced and retold the story. Even though it had no words , the children really enjoyed it!

Can you remember who made the rainbow? Where did they find the green crayon? How did they swim under the water?

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We had a wonderful time at Colourscape. We investigated how colours of light change as we moved around the beautiful coloured tunnels. Some of us were lucky enough to draw pictures of Colourscape actually inside Colourscape! The music workshop was fantastic and we made a samba band. What was your favourite part?


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Miss Juliette brought her piano accordion to RA and we sang lots of lovely songs together!

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Exploring Colour and Shape

We had a wonderful time exploring and investigating colour mixing. The children painted their hands with 2 different colours and then rubbed them together to see what happened. Then later we added white paint to other coloured paint to see what happened. Do you remember what the 3 primary colours are? We also used pattern blocks to create pictures some of us were even able to talk about the properties of the shapes.



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